eOffice eNetwork Agreement 2015

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I apply for this agreement subject to eOffice Terms and Conditions. To be signed by the Business Centre Operator


1. Definition

1.1 The Operator means the business centre / coworking space participating in the eOffice Network by providing furnished offices, meeting and conference rooms and other office service.

1.2 eOffice means eOffice 2000 Ltd, company based in the U.K. and the founder of the eOffice eNetwork.

1.3 eOffice eNetwork is a programme connecting business centres in a marketing and online network, allowing the sales and marketing of office services worldwide.

1.4 eOffice eCard is a membership scheme, whereby members have access to the eOffice eNetwork centres and are offered 8% discount on selected services.

2. Operator Agreement

2.1 The Operator agrees to join the eOffice eNetwork and appoints eOffice for the referral of new clients under following terms.

3. New Client Referrals

3.1 A referral is the passing on of details and contact information of the Operator to a prospective client seeking office space and other office services. The referral shall be made by email. The referral will be then be communicated to the Operator, but this is merely a secondary courtesy. Failure to communicate the referral does not nullify reference.

4. New Client Rejections

4.1 The acceptance of a new client takes places upon the Operator’s receipt of eOffice’s notification unless the email is returned to eOffice within 24 working business hours stating when and which company had previously introduced that particular client. This will alleviate the problem of misunderstandings and duplication of client introductions.

5. New Client Confirmation

5.1 It is for the Operator to ensure the accurate communication of the relevant details of the new client’s license or service/rental agreement (including start date, agreement length, rental fees and company name) to eOffice.

6. Commission Structure

6.1 Once a client whom eOffice has introduced occupies or acquires the services of the Operator as a result of eOffice’s referral, it is the responsibility of the Operator to inform eOffice in writing, whereupon eOffice’s introductory commission becomes payable by the Operator.

6.2 eOffice’s introductory commission is:

  • 8% of the all-inclusive net license/rental fee for a period up to 12 months
  • 8% of the sales generated by conference and meeting room/video conferences clients or no commission for Plus Membership/Premium
  • First month fee of the all-inclusive virtual office fee

6.3 Should the client vacate earlier or sign a licence or service/rental agreement for less than one year then eOffice’s commission shall be calculated on a pro rata basis. In the event that the license/ rental fee increases or decreases during the term of the licence or rental agreement, it is solely the responsibility of the Operator to inform eOffice in writing, hereinafter the invoices will be adjusted.

6.4 Invoices are to be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually subject to the terms of the licence or rental agreement and are to be paid in full upon receipt and maximum within 30 days of invoice day. eOffice’s invoices will be emailed to the respective Operator and will be issued once the Operator confirms to eOffice the relevant details of the licence or service/rental agreement signed by the client.

6.5 eOffice also offers sales commission to an Operator that refers a client to a fully owned and branded eOffice centres. It is the responsibility of the Operator to inform eOffice of the referral in writing and once it is confirmed the commission becomes payable. The commission payable by eOffice to the Operator in case of sales is:

  • 8% of the all-inclusive net license/rental fee for a period up to 12 months;
  • 8% of the sales generated by conference and meeting room/video conferences clients;
  • First month fee of the all-inclusive virtual office fees

7. Duration and Termination of the Agreement

7.1 The eOffice eNetwork Agreement is valid for 12 months (by calendar year) and renewed each year unless terminated by either party with 2 calendar months notice before the end of the contract. Once an Agreement is terminated by either party, if a client introduced by eOffice prior to the termination date gives rise to a fee due in accordance with the foregoing, these conditions shall still apply.

8. Change of Ownership

8.1 In the event that the Operator is sold, it is solely the responsibility of the Operator to advise eOffice in writing of this sale and to ensure that the new owners are informed in writing of any and all future commission obligations due to eOffice. In the event that this does not happen and the new acquiring owners are not informed of commissions due to eOffice from its successful referrals, then the remaining and outstanding commission owed will be the exclusive responsibility and liability of the original, outgoing Operator.

9. Trademarks and Copyrights

9.1 The eOffice brands and logos are registered Trademarks of eOffice. The Operator may not use the eOffice logo and brand in any document or publication, including the internet and in any way in connection with his/her business, unless previously agreed in writing with eOffice.

9.2 eOffice grants the Operator a non-exclusive, revocable right to use the eOffice logo only to promote the eOffice eNetwork. The Operator must not use the eOffice logo and brand in any document, publication, including any Internet information, unless it is in relation to business under the eOffice eNetwork scheme.

10. Operator’s obligation

10.1 The Operator’s obligations are to pay the stipulated fee and the costs of all other services provided on the due dates to eOffice and to perform all of the obligations on the part of the Operator contained in the Agreement.

10.2 The Operator guarantees to maintain the minimum quality standards offered within eOffice branded centres. This includes regular cleaning, security, high standard of Internet connection and use of computers and good general customer service.

11. Disputes

11.1 The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. We both accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English court.

11.2 The Agreement creates no rights in any third parties to enforce its terms pursuant to Section 1 of the contracts (right of third parties Act 1999).